How to Find the Right Functional Medicine Provider for You

The process of finding a healthcare professional that you truly like and trust can be a challenging one. If you’re branching out into a new area of medicine, such as functional medicine, the process can be even more overwhelming. We understand that making a decision as personal as selecting a doctor is not a simple task. That’s why our team has put together this guide to finding the right functional medicine provider for you. 

Take Inventory of Your Needs

Before you start doing any heavy research, evaluate why you’re searching for a functional medicine provider. Are you looking for relief from certain issues or chronic illnesses? Do you want to make particular lifestyle changes to prevent illness in the future? Are you frustrated with your primary care provider? What health goals are you looking to achieve by working with a functional medicine provider? Are you not seeing the health improvements you’d like with your current provider? Making a list of the answers to these questions can help you stay on track as you evaluate different providers. 

In addition, consider your more logistical needs. How far are you willing to travel for appointments? Are you looking to have insurance cover some or all of the cost or are you willing to pay out of pocket? How often are you hoping the provider will be available to see you? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you figure out which doctor will be best for you.

Make a Shortlist 

Now that you know what you’re looking for, start to compile a shortlist of potential providers. Begin searching for providers in your area online. Browse their websites and evaluate if their offerings will meet the needs you’ve already established. 

Reviews and recommendations can be a good way to gauge if a provider would be a good fit. If you have friends or family who see a functional medicine provider, ask them for recommendations. Check out online review platforms to see what other patients have to say. However, make sure you’re not making the decision entirely off of one or two reviews or recommendations. Every person is unique and will have unique needs or experiences. 

Call the Office 

Placing a cold call to the provider’s office can help you evaluate if the provider will be a good fit. Take note of how the receptionist answers the phone and how they treat you as a potential patient. Ask logistical questions such as if the provider is accepting new patients, how they schedule appointments, whether or not they offer virtual appointments, what insurance they take, and how the provider will communicate important information with you outside of appointments. 

Make sure you’re taking this step with every office on your shortlist. Keep a record of their answers so that you can compare them.  Some providers may offer a meet and greet appointment so you can get to know them better.  This may help you better decide if a provider is the right fit for you. 

Book Your Appointments 

Congratulations on finding a functional health care provider! Now that you’ve found the right fit, book your appointments. It’s important that you evaluate the provider as you go through your course of treatment. If you feel that you and the provider don’t have the same priorities, if you’re unsure about a course of treatment, or don’t feel heard, be sure to speak up and ask questions. You can always reach out to other providers to get a second opinion. 

Start Your Functional Medicine Journey with Personal Healthcare Providers

We understand that making the decision to seek out a new provider can be overwhelming. Our practice is built on four basic principles:1) develop a personal and trusting relationship with each patient, 2) provide comprehensive medical services in a relaxed environment, 3) uphold a high level of availability, and 4) assist patients with the complex, administrative aspect of medical care. After 15 years in this practice model, we remain committed to these core principles. If you believe we may be a good fit for you, please contact us today for a consultation.