Our History

Personal Healthcare Providers (PHP) was established in February 2004 by Dr. William Queale. After completing his medical training at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Queale started his first private practice with the goal of providing the highest quality care possible based on his training at Hopkins. After two years in a traditional insurance-based model, he realized this was not possible. The constraints imposed by insurance companies simply did not allow for the level of service expected by his patients nor himself.

In part due to his dissatisfaction with the existing system, and in part at the request of his patients, Dr. Queale created Personal Healthcare Providers based on four principles: 1) develop a personal and trusting relationship with each patient, 2) provide comprehensive medical services in a relaxed environment, 3) uphold a high level of availability, and 4) assist patients with the complex, administrative aspect of medical care. After 15 years in this practice model, he remains committed to these core principles.

In 2010 Dr. Queale brought on Dr. Hunter Young as a part-time physician. Dr. Young is on the full-time faculty at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine with a research interest in metabolic health and technology-enabled primary care delivery. Dr. Young joined Dr. Queale in an effort to provide more comprehensive care to his patients in a private practice setting.

In 2020, Dr. Queale and his nurse practitioner colleague Erin Prokop became certified in Functional Medicine due to their interest in a systems-based approach to patient care. They incorporate functional medicine principles into their primary care practice and Erin offers dedicated Functional Medicine consultations