Primary Care Services

Comprehensive Primary Care Services

At Personal Healthcare providers, we offer high-end, comprehensive primary care services in a relaxed environment.  We believe that a trusting physician-patient relationship is paramount to delivering high-quality services.  We allot significantly more time than a conventional primary care practice and more time than most concierge practices.  We believe it is only through adequate time that we can develop an accurate assessment of a patient’s condition.

Practicing Evidenced-Based, Personalized Medicine

We feel strongly that evidence-based medicine is critical for the integrity of our medical profession and providing sound recommendations to patients. Randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trials, in particular, serve as the foundation of many current medical guidelines. Population-based research, however, has its limitations when it comes to treating individual patients. Since every patient is unique, it is not possible to predict how an individual patient will respond to any particular intervention. Our approach to patient care is based on evidence from many sources, including basic and translational research, observational research, clinical trials, and information from patients themselves. Rather than relying only on single sources of medical evidence, we use multiple sources to understand each patient’s unique situation and goals, then develop personalized recommendations to optimize their health or heal from disease.

Focusing on Systems Medicine and Optimal Health

Systems medicine is a growing interdisciplinary field that views the human body as a complex dynamical system. It considers chronic disease to be abnormal physiologic function, often due to a mismatch between genetic requirements and environmental exposures. At Personal Healthcare Providers, we believe the best way to treat disease is to optimize the health of the whole system. Health is more than the absence of disease; it is the resistance to disease. It is the inherent ability of a biological system to maintain or return to normal stable function in the setting of environmental stressors. We combine state-of-the-art conventional medicine with the emerging science of systems medicine to help patients achieve their optimal state of health and performance throughout their lifespan.

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