Medical Services

Primary Care Services

At Personal Healthcare providers, we offer high-end, comprehensive primary care services in a relaxed environment.  We believe that a trusting physician-patient relationship is paramount to delivering high quality services.  We allot significantly more time than a conventional primary care practice and more time than most concierge practices.  We believe it is only through adequate time that we can develop an accurate assessment of a patient’s condition.  Specific primary care services include the following:

  • Comprehensive initial exam
  • Comprehensive annual exam
  • Routine follow-up visits
  • Urgent care visits
  • Telehealth visits
  • Hospital and post-acute services
  • Housecalls as indicated
  • Home hospice oversight
  • 24/7 availability or suitable coverage
  • Telephone, email and direct messaging as needed

Functional Medicine Services

Certified in functional medicine, Dr. Queale and Erin integrate many functional medicine principles into their primary care practice.  Erin also provides specific functional medicine consultation services at Personal Healthcare Providers.  Specific consultation services include the following:

  • Management of care through the LivingMatrix platform
  • Extensive baseline health questionnaires
  • Comprehensive life timeline with identification of Antecedents, Triggers and Mediators
  • Utilization of the Functional Medicine Matrix to understand functional system interconnection and dysfunction
  • Lifestyle recommendations to optimize physical activity, nutrition, sleep, cognitive function, and social relationships
  • Nutrition, personal training, and physical therapy consultations through highly qualified partners
  • Management of nutritional supplementation through the FullScript platform
  • Health coaching services for support with the functional medicine care plan