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Do you know the impact imbalances in your Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual health can have on your physical health?

Take a free health assessment using our Living Matrix application. The Matrix is a clinical tool that is utilized in functional medicine to look at the body as a system. There are seven systems on the Matrix. By mapping your symptoms onto the Matrix and put into the appropriate system, Personal Healthcare Providers can clearly see where your physiology is imbalanced and needs support.

Managing your health is a journey.
We're here to help you find your way.

Your health dictates your story. From health promotion to disease prevention to chronic disease management -
we are here to help you understand your health and empower you to take control of your story.

Know Your Antecedents

These are predisposing factors that impact your health, such as genetics and the environment.

Recognize Your Triggers

These “activators” are something significant or traumatic that might trigger a decline in their health.

Discover Your Mediators

These are things such as exposures,  that contribute toward the perpetuation of health problems.

How It Works

Take Your First Steps with Personal Healthcare Providers
  • Step 1

    Register with Our Living Matrix

    The assessment begins by completing a simple registration form in order to activate your Living Matrix account by using a limited-time code sent directly to your inbox.

  • Step 2

    Complete the Health Assessment

    Using a desktop or laptop complete the health questionnaire in its entirety. We will use this information to prepare your health timeline.

  • Step 3

    Meet with a Personal Healthcare Providers Clinician

    Receive a complimentary 45-minute online, Zoom-based health review to assess your results with a specialized member of our team. Your free assessment will conclude with clinician-recommended personalized lifestyle prescription. No follow-up or commitment is required!

Start Your Free Health Assessment

Use the Living Matrix application to start understanding how to manage your health like never before.

Why Choose Personal Health Care Providers

At Personal Healthcare Providers, we believe the best way to treat disease is to optimize the health of the whole system. Health is more than the absence of disease; it is the resistance to disease. We combine state-of-the-art conventional medicine with the emerging science of systems medicine to help patients achieve their optimal state of health and performance throughout their lifespan.


Comprehensive Primary Care

Experience high-end, comprehensive primary care services in a relaxed environment.


Science-Based Functional Medicine

Functional medicine allows the clinician to expand their toolbox to treat patients.  Patients walk away from an encounter with a lifestyle prescription that will address their sleep, stress, nutrition, and exercise

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Our providers are passionate and dedicated to providing our patients with the most comprehensive care possible. They listen to their patients and provide them with the time and space to build a relationship based on mutual trust. Meet our providers by clicking the button below..


Personalized Administration

We believe that patients should not only have relationships with their physician but should have a relationship with staff as well. Our staff provides the highest level and most personalized administrative services possible to our patients.  

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