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Erin Prokop, Nurse Practitioner and Certified Functional Medicine Provider

As both a primary care and functional medicine provider, Erin combines conventional medicine with lifestyle interventions to help patients achieve their optimal health and function.  We share the same passion for providing personalized medical care grounded in conventional science and a relationship with our patients.  I have known Erin for over 2 years and can attest to her competency and character.  She treats all patients over 16 years of age and has a particular interest in women’s health.  While Erin is a fully independent primary care provider, she will now have all the resources of our practice and the Hopkins community.

Comprehensive Primary Care Services

At Personal Healthcare providers, we offer high-end, comprehensive primary care services in a relaxed environment.  We believe that a trusting practitioner-patient relationship is paramount to delivering high-quality services.  We allot significantly more time than a conventional primary care practice and more time than most direct practices.  We believe it is only through adequate time that we can develop an accurate assessment of a patient’s condition.

Functional Medicine: Practicing Evidenced-Based, Personalized Medicine

We feel strongly that evidence-based medicine is critical for the integrity of our medical profession and providing sound recommendations to patients. Randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trials, in particular, serve as the foundation of many current medical guidelines. Population-based research, however, has its limitations when it comes to treating individual patients. Since every patient is unique, it is not possible to predict how an individual patient will respond to any particular intervention. Our approach to patient care is based on evidence from many sources, including basic and translational research, observational research, clinical trials, and information from patients themselves. Rather than relying only on single sources of medical evidence, we use multiple sources to understand each patient’s unique situation and goals, then develop personalized recommendations to optimize their health or heal from disease.

Women's Health

Working as a primary care provider, it has become clear to me that women have their own unique healthcare challenges.  These challenges change as women progress in life and hormones fluctuate.  A young woman may experience painful periods, migraines, or irregular periods.  Conventional treatments may leave a woman feeling that the underlying cause to her symptoms is not being addressed.  The same case could be made for perimenopausal and postmenopausal women.  Applying functional medicine to women’s health helps me to better identify underlying causes of female hormonal dysregulation.  In turn, I can offer a variety of treatment recommendations that a conventional approach does not.  I work in collaboration with each patient to craft a treatment plan that evolves as we work together.   

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